9 thoughts on “The full story of Sarah Baartman and scientific racism

  1. Racism started long ago. I just don’t know why my fellow white people are racists against people having other skin colors.

  2. This rubbish still continues until now. Look at the way blacks are being killed unjustly in America by white policemen for minor offences. Why are white people so jealous of black people?

  3. If white people come to Africa, we respect and help them. Why are white people racist?

  4. She was tricked to move from Africa to Europe where she was paraded about so they could make money by using her and she died pennilessly. Is that not fraud and scam of the highest order?

  5. I think the most painful part of this story is how she was treated even after she died. They made money off her by parading her across europe and they continued to make money off her after her death by putting her in a museum.

  6. New Yorker Victoria Janashvili, the woman behind coffee table book Curves, has said that her personal projects have always aimed to highlight the beauty of women with more normal bodies, rather than the slim models often pictured in the pages of magazines.

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