WORLD’S LARGEST FAMILY: And the Oscar goes to ….. NIGERIA. The largest family in the world is from Nigeria. A Nigerian Muslim, Alhaji Abubakar Bello Masaba (86 yrs) is in the news because he currently has 86 wives, 185 kids. He has been married 107 times but now has 86 wives left. He was asked to divorce 82 of his wives and keep only 4 of them as allowed by sharia law but he refused and was therefore jailed but later freed after 22 days due to his wives’ protests. At a point, 11 of his wives were pregnant simultaneously. He has 185 kids but, as at the time of this report, only 133 are still alive.

Masaba is 86 years old and his youngest wife is 19-yr-old. The funniest part of it is that his wives claim to be happy with him because he regularly kills cows and he, therefore, takes good care of them as long as they have enough to eat. He has over 5 thousand people who are related to him because he already has a lot of grandchildren. The video below shows his house where he lives with his 86 wives and 185 children.

According to him, He is a faith healer by profession. He admitted that is not always rosy in his relationship with his wives. He divorced some of his wives because they were not obedient. When asked how Masaba was able to satisfy all the women in bed, he said the reporter should go and ask the women if he satisfies them or not. He then added that if they were not satisfied, they would have left him. He claims that God brought all the women to him.

In Nigeria, there is no limit to how many women a man can marry and most families in Nigeria are polygamous. The Ziona Family in India ranks the second largest family in the world with 39 wives and 94 children.

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11 thoughts on “Man marries 86 women and has 185 children”
  1. Nowadays, most women are blaming men for marrying more than one woman, but I think the women should blame themselves for agreeing to marry the same man. After all, they are not being forced to marry him.

  2. African men can marry as many women as they want. Here in America, the government prevents us from marrying more than one woman. But they legalize stupid gay marriage. A relationship that is so unhealthy.

  3. This is so funny. I am a Nigerian but it is very difficult for me to comprehend what I just saw. Well, I guess everything is possible in Nigeria.

  4. Why is polygyny (a man taking two or more wives) allowed in some countries, and polyandry (a woman taking two or more husbands) is not allowed?

    1. I agree with you. Women should not subject to that type of treatment. What do they benefit from him? Can he even remember their names or does he call them by their numbers such as #1 wife, #2, #3 etc.?

  5. Frankly speaking, this is absolutely not necessary. I think it is poverty that makes the women to follow him so they can at least have something to eat.

  6. Even if this guy does not marry again and starts divorcing 5 or 6 wives every year, he will still be having at least 20 wives before he finally passes away.

  7. I am a woman but sometimes, I don’t really understand how some women behave. Come on! how can a man marry 86 wives? Why do some women allow themselves to be subjected to such humiliation?

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