9 thoughts on “Father and daughter make love

  1. This is another funny news. Sometimes, I wonder what is wrong with some people in this world.

  2. Love making between siblings or between parents and their children are forbidden under section 173 of the German criminal code and offenders can face years in prison.

    1. I don’t know if it is allowed in the western world but it is forbiden in African countries also.

  3. Is this not funny and stupid? Does it mean that the girl’s father could not get any other women in the whole world? That poor girl just turned 18. He must have been doing it with her for so many years.

  4. It is not illegal to make love with family members in Spain. An 11-year-old girl gave birth to her 14-year-old brother’s baby in La Arrixaca.

  5. While England, Scotland and Wales have outlawed inter-family relations, it is ultra funny that incest between same-sex siblings in the Republic of Ireland is not illegal.

  6. I strongly condemn incest. The father and the daughter need to be punished. That child will grow up to be ridiculed and humiliated by other children in the society.

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