5 thoughts on “Why do celebrities couples often break up?

  1. Celebrities couples often break up because they are too arrogant and engage in very fragile relationships. One some of them become celebrities, they think they are better than other people and they tend to look down on others. Most problems in the world are caused by celebrities who often set bad example for the youths.

  2. The so-called celebrities often put their lives on social media and this make people to start talking about them. The moment they start reading negative things about themselves on the internet, they start blaming each other and then calamity sets in. When this happens, that’s the end of that relationship.

  3. In my country, most of the male celebrities often have their eyes set on other beautiful women out there and they often end up cheating on their wives.

  4. Fame and riches come with guts and the inability to cope with the mistakes of others, therefore, it is very difficult for a celebrity to adjust to the needs and aspirations of their partners. This often result in break-ups and divorce.

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