15 thoughts on “Who is to blame for the situation in Afghanistan?

  1. Joe Biden pulled out the US military from Afghanistan, hence the Taliban were able to get back to power again. Therefore, Biden is to blame. Altough I quite understand the fact that American troops can not remain in Afghanistan forever.

  2. In an interview with POLITICO Magazine, former NATO commander James Stavridis said:

    “We should have learned from the war in Vietnam. We thought we could train our way out of it. We thought we could leave a competent, capable Afghan military.”

    “We should have recognized that they were not going to be able to reflect the kind of military that we had. We should have trained them to be more like the Taliban, to be lighter, quicker, more lethal. ”

    “Not dependent on major equipment, not dependent on exquisite command and control and high-level intelligence. We should have built a different force.”

    1. There you go. The NATO commanders and the US military general are actually to blame because they all gave President Biden the assurance that the Afghan military can handle the situation and defeat the Taliban when it comes to military combact.

  3. The Afghans are to be blamed. All the warlords who have massacred so many people during the civil war in Afghanistan are now in power again. So why blame outsiders from other countries.

  4. I blame the Afghan government because they did not even make any attempt to fight against the Taliban.

  5. Fox news host Rachel Campos-Duffy was widely ridiculed on social media after she attempted to place the blame on First Lady Jill Biden for the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan following a takeover by the Taliban. Campos-Duffy needs to be sacked.

  6. “Taliban assured the U.S that they would not allow Afghanistan to be used as a base for attacking other countries, as it was in the years before 9/11. That assurance was part of a 2020 peace deal reached between the Taliban and the Trump administration that paved the way for the American withdrawal.”

    So why is Trump blaming President Biden for pulling the U.S military out of Afghanistan?

  7. First of all, what is the difference between Afghan and Taliban? Are they not citizens of the same country?

  8. I think Trump should just shut up because he vomits rubbish any time he opens his mouth, Trump was a president for only 4 years, he got impeached twice and was banned from all major social media platforms. He is the one who should have resigned in disgrace.

  9. Why are they blaming american president? I blame the afghanistan government for allowing the taliban to easily conquer it within a few days. the government did not even fight back. the president ran away from the country and they just surrendered like that.

  10. I think president Biden is to blame because he is now in power and he gave the order for American military to pull out of Afghanistan. But I think Trump should shut up because he was desperate to do the same thing if he was not removed from power.

  11. “Without involving the Afghan government in the negotiations, the Trump administration struck a deal for ‘Bringing Peace to Afghanistan’ with the Taliban.” Therefore, Trump should be blamed.

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