Talking about how to make America great again, who can really make America great again? Since Donald Trump outlined his plans on how to make America great again, he has indeed won lots of support from the American public.

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Although it is very hard to agree with most of Trump’s utterances, for instance, while speaking at a midday rally on Capitol Hill before he became president, Donald Trump said “We are led by very, very stupid people.”

Trump was definitely wrong in calling American leaders “stupid” because he ended up becoming the U.S President but his administration was the worst administration ever because he ruled for only 4 years, sought to divide the American people by promoting hatred among them, got impeached twice during only one term in office, and was banned from all major social media platforms.

While talking about immigrants during his campaign, Trump said “We’re going to keep the families together, but they have to go,”…“In four years, you’re going to be interviewing me and you’re going to say, ‘What a great job you’ve done, President Trump.”

This was a lie because Trump ended up separating over 500 children from their parents at the border.

The new U.S President Biden is now doing all he can to reunite families separated under Trump Administration.

It can be recalled that Trump once called for a complete shutdown of Muslims traveling to the United States. In your opinion, should Islam be banned in the United States?

Trump told conservatives that he was considering running for president again in 2024, as he reasserted dominance over the Republican Party and warned of a “struggle” for America’s very survival.

In a keynote speech after leaving the White House, the 74-year-old Trump repeated his false claims that he won the election instead of President Joe Biden. Trump went further to say:

“With your help, we will take back the House, we will win the Senate, and then a Republican president will make a triumphant return to the White House — and I wonder who that will be?”

Trump publicly saying he wonders who can take the White House from Joe Biden seems to suggest that Biden is doing a tremendous job and has bought his way into the hearts of Americans. In your opinion, who can really make America great again?

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7 thoughts on “How to make America great again”
  1. Donald Trump could not deliver. He was only interested in building a wall, separating people, promoting racism, etc. President Joe Biden is building back better for all Americans and thereby making America great again.

  2. The first step in making America great again should be to eliminate racism. Trump came in and promoted disunity and racism among Americans. That was exactly the opposite of making America great again.

  3. Only well meaningful Americans can make America great again. It is too early to say whether Biden can be trusted or not. Trump should be forgotten because he is a racist who likes to divide the people, and he often makes problem with others. He has no sign of maturity.

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