After the occurrence of internet outage in Ukraine due to the war, Elon Musk decided to activate his Starlink satellite in Ukraine to enable the Ukrainians and their militaries communnicate with each other and the outside world.

Space X, Elon Musk’s company, manufactured and donated thousands of Starlink terminals to help Ukrainian troops on their missions.

It was reported that some of the Starlink terminals were either bought by the US government or crowdfunded by donors.

There is no doubt that Musk’s space satellites has changed the war on the ground, but today, it seems there is Starlink outage in Ukraine and it has resulted in a kind of setback for the Ukrainian militaries.

As Ukrainian troops are trying to liberate the territories captured by Russia, the Starlink communication devices on the front line keep losing the connection to the Internet and therefore fail.

It has now been revealed that the break in the internet connection did not happen inside Ukraine. It happened in the Russian-controlled territory that Ukrainians are gradually recapturing.

This has led the Ukrainian military officials to suspect that there may be a secret deal between Musk and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Few days ago, Musk asked his followers on Twitter if Russia should keep the towns it has annexed from Ukraine.

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