Twitter is down again, and people at Hacker News were the first to notice it as comments started pouring in immediately. The popular social media recently bought by Elon Musk went down around 6 PM CET.

Immediately after the social media went down or out of service, all Twitter users saw an error message which says:
{“errors”:[{“message”:”Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint, please see for more information”,”code”:467}]}

The social media outage was not yet restored at the time this post was published. Below are some of the comments on Hacker News.

cdawg405 0 minutes ago
I’m trying to create a new Twitter account and receiving the message as well from my iPhone (Verizon) and MacBook Pro (AT&T Internet).. What is going on?

Error I’m getting: {“errors”:[{“message”:”Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint, please see for more information”,”code”:467}]}

Kelamir 9 minutes ago
“Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint, please see for more information” Getting this message.

fluxinflex 2 minutes ago
I’m in the same A/B-testing group as you, not working for me.
Makes me wonder which feature they’re testing – is the world a happier place without twitter?

jumbohatdog 0 minutes ago

ttepasse 7 minutes ago
The main page works for me, but I get that error also in the official Catalyst Mac app for some actions. And even greater: That error also returns for short links, e.g. every external link posted on Twitter.

grapescheesee 2 minutes ago is showing this currently for me.

nic2304 2 minutes ago
Yes for me, it was down too with the same exact message. From both Twitter lite app and website (from desktop and phone). Sucks

cdawg405 1 minute ago
Im getting this via. Phone (Verizon) & Laptop (AT&T internet).. What’s going on?

robtaylor 5 minutes ago
Web and app back up – but currently all links posted return that error onclick / tap.

javierluraschi 8 minutes ago
Here is a screenshot:

jumbohatdog 1 minute ago

CryKaryun 0 minutes ago
im in brazil and i got that message on my laptop what is happening??

mtrollan 6 minutes ago
Yes. Clearly an error on Twitter’s side. Someone @ Elon. lol

cottoncloud27 2 minutes ago
thank god i found your post,i got panicked that my pc got hacked or something.

mrwiffler 3 minutes ago
It’s intermittent but yeah, keeps happening.

loosecannon2 0 minutes ago
gg test suites @twitter

KennyBali 4 minutes ago
Works on my phone, my Mac comes with the same message

fartpanda 3 minutes ago
just got the same issue here in UK, global issue on twitters part?

Cartus 3 minutes ago
The same thing happens to me

tikkun 10 minutes ago
Down for me.

giorgiop 8 minutes ago
Is outage global?

precompute 7 minutes ago
Seems like it.

erthacrow 5 minutes ago
Is global, I think.

SuperV1234 7 minutes ago

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