Yobidoyobi Restaurant Advert in Russia

As a result of death threats from a so-called far-right group in Russia, a Russian sushi delivery chain restaurant in Russia decided to pull its advertisement in which a black man was featured with some white girls.

Male State and Pozdnyakov, which is a so-called movement promoting traditional values in Russia are said to be behind the threats.

Konstantin Zimen, the owner of Yobidoyobi restaurants told news media that he was bombarded by death threats from a nationalist hate group, especially after his personal phone number was leaked online.

As a result, he was forced to take down the advertisement and issued an apology on his social media accounts.

Pozdnyakov also called on his supporters to make fake orders from the restaurants across Russia, and then refuse to pay for the food in an effort to hurt Yobidoyobi’s business.

This is all unfolding as Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to ban same-sex marriage in Russia.

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