11 thoughts on “When women are too attractive for their job

  1. Nowadays, women having nice curves and round booty like Linda Okello are often harassed because men want to have fun with them.

  2. Dear Hanna, do not blame the men. Don’t you women like to have fun with a good looking guy?

  3. If a woman is too attractive, it will become a problem for her because too many men will be chasing her on the streets.

  4. I think women should be left to live their lives and not be reduced to whether they are beautiful or not.

  5. Beautiful women have difficulty attaining satisfaction, or settling down with one man because they have too many options.

  6. I think women have the right to be beautiful without anybody being judgemental about their looks.

  7. How did Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carey become so fat? Can obese Donald Trump succeed in losing weight?

  8. Nobody should be deemed as too beautiful because it sends a very wrong message to others. I think we are all beautiful in a different way.

  9. I completely disagree with the court’s judgment. Did Dr. James Knight not know that the dentist assistant was too attractive before employing her?

  10. Where are the so-called beautiful women? I seriously need one like right now. Broke up with my girlfriend.

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