Indoor-twerking was yesterday. Women have taken twerking to the next level and they now twerk openly in public as a form of entertainment. Twerking can be described as a type of dance in which a person involved in it dances to music in a provocative manner by thrusting his or her hips. Women are often involved in twerking as opposed to their male counterparts.

The dancer tends to regularly take a low squatting stance while continually thrusting the hip movement. The hips thrusting which is the main dance is the provocative aspect of it.

While African women have been twerking for ages and it has become part of their culture, twerking first received national recognition in the United States about 15 years ago when the song titled “Whistle While You Twerk” by Southern hip hop duo Ying Yang Twins made it to number 17 on the Billboard Hip-Hop Songs component chart.

Ever since then, white girls have been interested in trying it out. While Kim Kardashian is still learning how to twerk, as was revealed in one of her twerk videos, Amber Rose is already perfect in doing it.

When Miley Cyrus rose to fame and joined the music industry, she took twerking to a higher level. Although she does not actually have the appropriate backside to perform it very well.

Before then, Beyonce Knowles, Nicki Minaj, and Blac Chyna have been twerking for a long time. Nowadays, women are seen twerking openly in the public.

Some argue that a woman who is good at twerking is definitely better in bed but this has not yet been proved to be correct.

Lexy panterra is one of the white girls who have taken twerking to the next level by continually twerking in the public and uploading the twerk-video to YouTube.

Twerking now serves as a form of entertainment or competition whereby twerkers are made to twerk one after the other and the best twerker is picked as the winner.

In twerking competition, the audience normally decides the winner and the winner eventually gets a sum of money which is often paid immediately in cash.

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