11. Make her know you are proud of her especially in the presence of her relatives. A woman is likely to feel more comfortable in a relationship with you if her relatives know you are proud of her.

12. Tell her interesting and beautiful stories like your first date with her. Elaborate on things she did that really impress you. She will love to keep impressing you.

13. Show her love and affection from time to time. Make sure the body contact is there because everyone can say I love you but not everyone really means it.

14. Whenever she get dressed up, let her know she looks great in the outfit.

15. Be creative in a way that can impress her. E.g write a poem about what you feel for her. This is not a must especially if you are not into such kinds of stuff.

16. Be truthful to her. Make her know whatever she needs to know about you. All women feel safer and more comfortable in a relationship with a honest man. If she is sure that you are a honest person, she will love you for it. I guess every man will want his woman to be honest also.

17. Make sure you are always there for her whenever she needs you. You can not be together 24 hours a day but try to be there for her when she needs you if you really want her to be madly in love with you.

18. If you have the money, take her for shopping and buy her what she likes because such things make every woman happy. Remember that happiness is needed in every relationship.

19. Don’t only tell her that you love her, show her how much you do and never take her for granted.

20. Make her feel you’re fond of her and that you can hardly do without her. Be romantic and caring. Touch her at the right time and at the right place.



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