31. Kiss her from time to time. Make sure you massage her sometimes before going to bed.

32. Do funny things with her like both of you bathing together, painting her toenails, etc.

33. Make extra provision for romance in your household budget. It is essential for a healthy relationship. Even after she falls madly in love with you and you succeed in marrying her. Keep it up because it is needed for a good marriage life.

34. Give her flattering compliments such as ”you are the only sugar in my tea”, the only butter on my bread, etc. Such funny compliments can make her laugh and be more happy with you.

35. Allow her to wear your clothes, jacket or sweater for her not to miss you much if you’re not around.

36. Do not stay too long on trivial and problematic issues, forgive and forget easily if you actually love her and want her to love you too. Remember your aim is to get her to fall seriously in love with you.

37. If you can, it is advisable to carry her most of the time for her to feel good and tell her how glad you are to have her. Again, do this only if it is possible and convenient for both of you. If she weighs more than you, you may wish to skip this tip to avoid super story that touches the heart.

38. Always appreciate whatever she does for you, most especially when she cooks and the food is enjoyable.

39. Comment on her outfit, tell her she is always looking good in whatever she is putting on. Don’t be shy to let her know your taste when it comes to dressing. She may wish to combine your taste with hers.

40. Spend enough time with her. Whenever you are on break, for instance, give her a call but definitely not every day so that it will not be expensive for you and it will not become boring for her.



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