According to Indian police, in a horrifying incident, a 31-year-old married woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Mahoba was severely beaten by her husband and in-laws because of her inability to bear a male child.

This is a very sad incident because her husband and in-laws are ignorant of the fact that a pregnant woman can not decide the gender of her newborn baby.

The said woman whose health condition is critical in the hospital, already has two daughters aged seven and two years.

During the ordeal, her husband reportedly inserted a wooden stick into her private part as punishment for her inability to bear a male child.

Superintendent of Police Sudha Singh said that the woman who is a resident of Ramnagar Jukha area was often subjected to daily harassment and torture by her in-laws for not bearing a male child.

GIRL VIOLATED BY THREE BOYS IN INDIA – In another development in India, a minor girl was molested and gang-raped in a car in an upscale neighbourhood of Hyderabad in India.

The incident has led to the arrest of three juveniles. Among those arrested is the son of TRS leader and Waqf board chairman’s son.

The incident occurred in upmarket Jubilee Hills when the girl was returning home after attending a party at a pub.

While the girl was leaving the pub, the boys offered to give her a ride to her house and she agreed.

On the road, the boys parked the car in an isolated location in the darkness at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad and took turns in violating the girl.

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