Just a few days after CNN suspended Chris Cuomo indefinitely for his role in the disgraced former New York governor’s scandal, which is popularly known as The Cuomo Scandal, CNN decided to officially fire Chris Cuomo.

Why did CNN finally fire Chris Cuomo?

Many people who believe that Chris Cuomo needed to be fired, not just suspended had their wish fulfilled by CNN on Saturday morning, as the news media ultimately called it quits with Chris Cuomo.

The same social media users who wanted Cuomo fired are now saying that CNN also owes them a public reckoning of Cuomo’s mistakes. Is that a kind of double standard?

Generally, journalists need to earn the public’s trust by conducting themselves in certain ethical ways that conform with societal norms and values.

For instance, a journalist must strive to always tell the truth regarding the story he or she is covering. Doing otherwise will make the journalist to be labeled as “Fake News,” and the news media’s reputation will be at risk.

In Cuomo’s case, the conflicts of interest play a major role because the disgraced former New York Mayor is his brother.

Every news media wants its information to be trusted and held at high esteem by the people. On Aug. 16 Cuomo brought public deception into play as he lied on air to his viewers and his boss when he assured his audience that “I never attacked nor encouraged anyone to attack any woman who came forward. I never made calls to the press about my brother’s situation.”

The documents seem to suggest that Cuomo was involved in literally aiding and abetting his brother’s abusive treatment and harassment of women.

Using his journalistic position, he tried to dig dirt on his brother’s accusers, and he also sussed out information.

In an interview with state investigators, Cuomo said “I would reach out to sources, other journalists, to see if they had heard of anybody else coming out.”

Furthermore, he also vigorously advised his brother’s team on how to escape accountability.

Although, many people (especially Republicans) called on CNN to fire Cuomo at the beginning of the whole so-called #CuomoScandal, but CNN only scolded him.

CNN took no disciplinary action against him when it was revealed that he violated their guidelines by taking part in strategy calls to help defend his brother from the overwhelming number of s3xual harassment accusations by many women.

Unfortunately for Chris Cuomo, the newly released transcripts from the New York attorney general’s investigation have exposed just how profoundly Chris Cuomo violated journalistic norms to the detriment of CNN. That was aparently too much for the network chef network Jeff Zucker to bear.

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